Under realistic conditions, various exercises have to be completed in small groups in order to be optimally prepared in an emergency.

The program is divided into two parts

The tasks in the mornings cover the entire fire brigade spectrum. Here, for example, it will be about firefighting on a specially prepared tank car of Deutsche Bahn. The teams operating at this point will have to deal with a flame up to four meters in size. In another exercise, the teams are concerned with ensuring the slipped load on a means of transport under difficult conditions. Participants will have to wear special protective equipment due to the risk of contamination. In addition, the use of practice foam leads to massive visual obstructions.

The deployment scenarios in the afternoon are from the field of technical assistance. The focus here is on fast, patient-oriented help – for example in the event of a live crash of a vehicle. Cases with e-vehicles are also part of the training. The participants will get to know the special characteristics of a battery fire and how to extinguish them. This task is combined with a mechanical engineering accident. An exciting challenge that must be solved as a team in order to be able to transport the patient safely to a clinic.

Conditions of participation

The conditions of participation of the S-GARD SAFETYTOUR include that the firefighters must have completed basic firefighting training and respiratory protection training. In addition, a valid respiratory protection suitability G 26.3 is required. At the end, all participants will receive a confirmation of participation.

Hands-on activities for visitors | Outdoor area in front of Hall 26

For visitors who want to slip into the role of a firefighter themselves, S-GARD offers various hands-on activities at INTERSCHUTZ, such as working with hydraulic rescue equipment or exercises to prevent contamination. These so-called "public tasks" can be found in front of hall 26 during the entire duration of the trade fair.

About the S-Gard SAFETYTOUR program

S-Gard is a brand owned by Hubert Schmitz GmbH, a Heinsberg, Germany-based company that is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of personal protective equipment for firefighters. SAFETYTOUR is a training and skills development program that comprises a special mix of educational formats ranging from tailored team workshops to dialogue events for executive personnel or an annual “Best-of” event. The workshops are designed and run by experienced fire service professionals and trainers. This year, S-Gard is running a specially designed SAFETYTOUR program as an exclusive in-show event at INTERSCHUTZ.