Be part of this special SAFETYTOUR event!

The training sessions will be for teams of eight, and the teams will be put together shortly before the start of each session. There will be two sessions each day. The morning sessions are specifically designed for firefighters, while the scenarios in the afternoon sessions are aimed at mixed teams of firefighters and emergency rescue professionals.

Prerequisites for participation

Participating firefighters must have completed their basic fire service training and training in the use of breathing apparatus. They must also have a current certificate of fitness for wearing breathing apparatus (in Germany: G 26.3 certificate). Participating emergency rescue personnel must likewise have completed the relevant training. The personal protective gear for the event will be loaned to participants by S-Gard. The only gear participants need to take along themselves are footwear, helmets and gloves.


Tickets are available from mid-January.

Each ticket is specific to the day of the session selected (day ticket) and includes admission to INTERSCHUTZ for that day, plus participation in the selected training session. The registration desk for the event will be at the S-Gard stand in Hall 11.

Morning program for firefighters (7:30 a.m. to 12 noon)

  • Scenario 1: Hazardous material leak
  • Scenario 2: Leak of flammable material at the rail yard – risk of explosion
  • Scenario 3: Contamination response using practice foam – the INTERSCHUTZ pyramid
  • Scenario 4: There’s ALWAYS a way to get in – forced entry through doors and windows
  • Scenario 5: Breathing apparatus failure – what comes after initial rescue from immediate danger?
  • Scenario 6: Rescue using hydraulic equipment – what forces are at play, and how to deal with them?
  • Afternoon program for firefighters and emergency rescue services (12 noon to 4:30 p.m.)

    The afternoon sessions involve recues by interdisciplinary teams of firefighters and rescue and emergency medical professionals. On completion of the program, participating emergency rescue professionals will receive a recognized professional development certificate.

  • Scenario 1: Person trapped under a bus – every second counts
  • Scenario 2: Person trapped in a truck – “Treat first what kills first!”
  • Scenario 3: Child trapped at a sand quarry – an emotionally charged situation calling for expedited rescue
  • Scenario 4: Explosion with severe burns – rescue using breathing apparatus
  • Further informations

    About the S-Gard SAFETYTOUR program

    S-Gard is a brand owned by Hubert Schmitz GmbH, a Heinsberg, Germany-based company that is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of personal protective equipment for firefighters. SAFETYTOUR is a training and skills development program that comprises a special mix of educational formats ranging from tailored team workshops to dialogue events for executive personnel or an annual “Best-of” event. The workshops are designed and run by experienced fire service professionals and trainers. This year, S-Gard is running a specially designed SAFETYTOUR program as an exclusive in-show event at INTERSCHUTZ.