20 teams prove their mettle

Each team will have 20 minutes to demonstrate their skills in emergency management and a technical rescue mission. Prizes worth a total value of 50,000 euros await the three most successful teams.

The Challenge will be monitored and evaluated by experienced international experts. Before they get to work, the teams will receive instructions on how to use Holmatro’s rescue equipment and how to free trapped victims.

BMW will be providing the vehicles for the Holmatro Rescue Challenge. Thanks to this cooperation, firefighters from all over the world will have an opportunity to test and further their skills using up-to-the-minute BMW vehicles. BMW is taking advantage of INTERSCHUTZ to communicate its latest developments in vehicle technology to the teams, including high voltage cases and structural car-body reinforcements.



  • 10:30 hrs Belgium - Hulpverleningszone Noord-Limburg
  • 11:45 hrs Germany - German Federal Agency for Technical Relief Pforzheim
  • 14:00 hrs Ireland - Meath County Fire & Rescue Service
  • 15:30 hrs France - SDIS 44

  • 10:30 hrs Belgium - Brandweer Zone Antwerpen
  • 11:45 hrs Romania - Mures Extrication Team
  • 14:00 hrs Italy - Vigili Del Fuoco Italy
  • 15:30 hrs Germany - TRT Bad Schwartau Rensefeld

  • 10:30 hrs Germany - Technical Rescue Team Hamburg
  • 11:45 hrs Hungary - Hungarian Fire and Technical Rescue Team
  • 14:00 hrs Brazil - Echo Fox
  • 15:30 hrs To Be Announced

  • 10:30 hrs Croatia - Javna Vatrogasna Postrojba Grada Karlovca
  • 11:45 hrs Spain - Consorcio Bomberos Valencia
  • 14:00 hrs United Kingdom - West Midlands Fire Service
  • 15:30 hrs Chile - Octava Bomberos Santiago

  • 10:30 hrs Austria - Freuwillige Feuerwehr Stadt Vils
  • 11:45 hrs Netherlands - Brandweer Rotterdam Frobenstraat
  • 14:00 hrs Canada - Enfield Fire Auto-X Team
  • 15:30 hrs To Be Announced
  • 17:00 hrs AWARD CEREMONY
  • Learn more about the participating teams . Check out the map to find the Rescue Challenge terrain .

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    Winning the Challenge is an honor – but competing for it alone can be worthwhile. In recognition of their performance, the three best teams will receivedonations of rescue equipment from Holmatro worth a total of 50,000 euros. The prizes will be awarded on the last day of the Rescue Challenge in the categories of Best Team Overall, Best Technical Team and Best Team Spirit.

    As was the case in 2015, the Holmatro Rescue Challenge 2022 will be streamed live on the Internet.