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For Exhibitors

Catalogue Listings

Beware of unauthorized catalogue providers!

Fake catalogue listings: a word of caution from Deutsche Messe

Every year, exhibitors receive communications from providers of bogus exhibitor catalogues with such titles as

  • EXPO GUIDE, or
  • FAIRGUIDE/ Construct Data

Please be advised that Deutsche Messe is in no way affiliated with any of these providers. Typically, these firms solicit catalogue listings by sending out order forms which, at first glance, might give the appearance of being authorized Deutsche Messe communications. But they are not.

In many of these cases, unsuspecting exhibitors are deceived into "updating" or "correcting" their listings – only to find, after reading the fine print, that they are now locked into a contract at prices often in excess of € 1,000 per year.

Deutsche Messe expressly distances itself from these types of business practices. The companies concerned are not authorized to use our name or the names of our trade fairs.

If you wish to include listings in the official media associated with our trade fairs, you can do so directly using our OBS online ordering system . The necessary log-in credentials for this will be sent out to you along with your display space confirmation letter. Please note that genuine Deutsche Messe order forms always specify the contact details (name and telephone number) of the relevant Deutsche Messe contact persons!

As further guidance on the subject of untrustworthy exhibitor directory offers, we have provided a copy of a special bulletin put out by AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry). This is available as a PDF in the download area.