For over 50 years, Ziegler has specialized in producing airport firefighting vehicles, supplying its first model - the FLF 30/50-5 - to Copenhagen Airport in 1969. This was followed in 1988 by the very first generation of what was then the new Z-Class (Z1, Faun chassis, 6x6). Next, in 1992, came the Z8 (MAN chassis, 8x8), developed in close collaboration with Nuremberg Airport. After working through many other evolutionary stages, Ziegler sees the latest Z-Class as not only heralding a new era but also setting new standards for airport firefighting vehicles.

To meet these requirements, the new Z-Class boasts unprecedented acceleration values, the most powerful engine on the market, an extremely spacious cabin (Z-Cab AiR) and much more besides, according to the company. Other features include the new Z-Control and the new Ziegler turrets. It goes without saying that the Z-Class doesn’t just meet all the standards relevant to these types of vehicles but exceeds them. Examples include ICAO, NFPA, EASA, CCCF, ADV and a whole lot more.

Albert Ziegler GmbH (89537 Giengen, Germany)