Fire in the Elbe Tunnel. A truck and a car have collided in one of the four tubes, through which around 120,000 vehicles pass every day. One vehicle has caught fire. Such a scenario, which could become reality at any time, as well as other emergency scenarios, for example from Berlin and Munich, will be presented at the Smart Public Safety Hub in Hall 16 .

In a real operation, speed and precision would now be of the essence, so that the initially small fire does not turn into a catastrophe. The fire department's incident commander must be able to assess the situation as quickly as possible and plan the deployment tactics. Normally, such a nimble overview, even of the location of the arriving emergency forces, is hardly possible. A system that automatically maps all the necessary data on the tablet could help. At INTERSCHUTZ 2022, it will be demonstrated that something like this has long existed.

What the incident scene of the future may look like

Just recently, the CommandX command support system from Eurocommand also attracted a lot of attention from the professional audience at the annual conference of the Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection (vfdb). "It synchronizes all mission-relevant data and underpins it with geodata," says Sascha Pomp, managing partner of Eurocommand. "Arriving at the scene, the tablet automatically shows an initial situation picture with info from the control center." All decisions are documented. Resources are also displayed, such as position and status or operational capability. In real time, it is possible to track who is currently in which section. "After a short time, the operations manager has a complete overview," Sascha Pomp explains further. "The operation can thus be optimally processed with a simple and fail-safe application."

During INTERSCHUTZ, the innovative product can be seen at the Smart Public Safety Hub in Hall 16. Here, more than ten exhibitors will network and show joint, interdisciplinary application scenarios. Seamless data exchange and networked systems provide a glimpse of future opportunities for collaboration. "Here we show what all is possible in the context of digitalization and innovations," says Pomp, who refers to a survey conducted by Deutsche Messe AG among more than 600 participants from authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS). This had clearly shown that digital development in the BOS sector is in need of improvement. "Together with our partners, we are showing what the path to a digitized and networked fire department can look like," says the CEO. His company's CommandX software is entering its fifth generation just in time for INTERSCHUTZ.

In addition to Eurocommand GmbH, representatives from the fields of geoinformation systems, control center technology, drone development and connectivity products will be represented at the Smart Public Safety Hub, which can be recognized by a red lighthouse visible from afar. Among other things, the focus will be on the role that IT procedures, networking and digitalization will play in planning and command in the future. It will be shown how authorities and organizations with security tasks can be well positioned for the future in order to meet the challenges of digitalization.

In the stand's own Command&Control Center, visitors can experience live demonstrations of how, for example, drones and the live images and information they generate are merged into real-time situation images. The networked operations center of the future will be on display.