The colorful Lego bricks from Denmark have long been a toy classic. Houses, cars - of course also fire engines and ambulances, entire cities, famous buildings and fantasy worlds can be built with them. It has long been known that not only children but also adults are passionate Lego fans. At INTERSCHUTZ, a company from Eschborn in Hesse is demonstrating that the little components can even be a valuable aid to firefighters, rescue services and disaster control.

Workshops at eye level

Figures with a wide variety of facial expressions, bricks in all imaginable sizes and matching connections: Around 10,000 parts belong to the corresponding workshop construction kit. "Anyone can build Lego. That's the big advantage," Erwin Mark continues. "Especially in fire departments, rescue services and other aid organizations, where the most diverse groups of people come together, this works perfectly."

In the workshops, everyone is 100 percent involved: Everyone builds a model and explains it. All participants work on an equal footing, no one dominates or switches off - that's the principle. As Erwin Mark explains, everyone is actively involved right away and then also stands completely behind the results. "Otherwise, it is often the case that 20 percent of the workshop participants determine 80 percent of the outcome," he points out, referring to numerous surprising experiences with the "Lego" method: "There is sometimes even a half-hour discussion about whether a Lego brick should be moved a little to the right or to the left - the whole thing paired with a discussion about the role and expectations of the manager, which would otherwise never have been conducted in this depth and clarity."

Power of the model

In facilitated workshops, the building material supports participants in making structures, processes, challenges or even conflicts visible. The company speaks of the "power of the model". Thoughts and perspectives are expressed more precisely and many topics are voiced in the first place. Erwin Mark comments: "Two advantages have a combined effect here. Firstly, hand, heart and brain work closely together when designing. Both hemispheres of the brain are activated in parallel. Secondly, the visualization in the form of the built models, which are presented in each case personally, leaves lasting impressions and realizations."

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Free workshops at INTERSCHUTZ

The LEGO® Serious Play® method will be presented to an introductory workshop at the exhibition stand Hall 17, G18 . In free workshops lasting about 20 minutes, interested parties will have the opportunity to test the method in small groups. The exhibitor asks for prior registration if possible.

Participation is subject to prior registration only.