Virtually everyone must have seen the images of the devastating forest and bush fires that recently ravaged vast swathes of land in eastern Australia. Even in our more temperate climate, every dry summer increases the risk of fires breaking out in our forests. One of the biggest challenges facing firefighters in the event of blazes in remote areas of forest and moorland is the poor availability of sufficient extinguishing water. With this in mind, sales agency Dr. Frank Seipelt Handelsvertretungen is at INTERSCHUTZ 2020 to showcase a product from the Dutch company Albers Alligator that is set to provide a quick and effective solution to this problem.

Winbags are exceptionally robust roll-up bags that can store up to 350 cubic meters of extinguishing water each in the immediate vicinity of a fire for rapid availability, if required. No time-consuming earthwork is needed, because virtually any flat, open area is a suitable storage site. Empty Winbags are easy to roll up again and take away once they've been used. In addition to tackling actual fires, however, Winbags - or the larger L-tanks that hold volumes of up to 1,000 cubic meters - can be set up and filled in areas identified as being at risk at the start of the fire season as a preventive measure. Extinguishing water is then available immediately if a fire breaks out. That’s not all, though. Alligator mobile storage tanks are also perfect for collecting contaminated extinguishing water and storing it on an intermediate basis during and after firefighting operations at industrial plants. What's more, Winbags can be used for the collection and interim storage of wastewater during major operations and big events such as festivals.