In an era when children spend hours on end in front of all sorts of screens, constantly have a smartphone in their hands and immerse themselves in virtual reality, it is getting increasingly hard for the fire service to find the next generation of recruits. The more digital our everyday lives become, the more we relish any enthusiasm our youngsters show for the real world, especially fascination for real skills. Fortunately, there are some things that never change – such as the color of fire engines and the magical effect that huge red vehicles with blue flashing lights have on children. Confident in this knowledge, Augsburg Fire Department is coming to INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover to showcase a whole package of exciting exhibits all about firefighting.

Children need to be introduced to serious subjects such as fire prevention from an early age so that they, too, will grow up with a healthy respect for organizations such as the fire service. The stand run by Augsburg Fire Department seeks to nurture this process with fun and games to keep the kids happily entertained – where lucky birthday girls and boys can even celebrate with a go on the revolving ladder. It's the perfect chance for children to see eye-to-eye with the world's tallest firefighter, who is on display there, watching all the goings-on from over five meters up. Besides the giant, walk-in replica fire alarm, where young and old can play the role of smoke particles, visitors to the stand are also being offered a taster of Bavaria's Fire Service Experience, which has sent its authentic VW Fire Beetle along to Hannover. And if that's not enough, the legendary 'Augsburger Puppenkiste' puppet theater is also on hand at Augsburg Fire Department's stand to make learning about fire and safety even more fun.

Stadtfeuerwehrverband Augsburg e. V. (86153 Augsburg, Germany), Hall 24, Stand D32

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