He was the favorite of INTERSCHUTZ exhibitors and visitors in 2015: Border Collie Timmy. Good news: Timmy will be back at INTERSCHUTZ 2022. He now had to wait seven years to be able to travel from hall to hall and on the open-air grounds in Hannover as a mascot again.

But even in the meantime, Timmy was active and still has enormous fun being allowed to travel between fire engines and ambulances and all the many products for danger prevention. And of course, he continues to enjoy "bathing in the crowd."

Just last year, Timmy was again a guest at the REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ in Montichiari, Italy. The Italians had taken Timmy to their hearts at INTERSCHUTZ in Hanover and since then have invited him year after year to the largest trade fair for firefighting and disaster control south of the Alps.

Now, however, Timmy is preparing for the big event in Hanover together with his master Christian Lang.

"Timmy is now nine years old and doing well," reports Christian Lang. "He never gets bored." That's because the INTERSCHUTZ mascot has been given a playmate - also a Border Collie. "The two of them get along splendidly and romp around together a lot," says firefighter Lang. "And sometimes there's a scuffle - but always just for fun."

Timmy then recovers during long walks with his master. He is also not averse to a good snack. His favorite is juicy beef and, of course, a big bone that he can gnaw on at his leisure.

When Timmy appears at INTERSCHUTZ this year, he can proudly present his new "uniform". The Austrian company Texport, which will be exhibiting high-quality emergency clothing at INTERSCHUTZ, has donated a so-called identification blanket for him.

This is what the harness for rescue dogs and also assistance dogs is called. Of course, Timmy's new clothing bears the INTERSCHUTZ logo and also the vfdb logo.

Timmy is, as it corresponds to the other representatives of his breed, an extraordinarily good-natured and friendly dog. He likes people - fans who also slip him a little treat are his favorite.

"Anyone who meets Timmy and wants to get in touch with him should best address him by name and wait to see how he reacts," advises Christian Lang. "And if he then comes up to you, you are also welcome to pet him and then tuck in a treat as a reward." The Border Collie is not so enthusiastic if you run after him or even hold him.

Speaking of contact: Timmy just got his own new Facebook page. Unfortunately, the previous website had to be closed due to a technical problem. From now on he can be found on Facebook as "Timmy der Hund" and hopes for many followers.

Timmy @ Facebook

And by the way: If you want to bring Timmy home - at least as a stuffed animal - you can buy him in the store of the fire department magazine as "Plush dog Timmy".