Training in drill scenarios that are as realistic as possible is undoubtedly the most effective method of learning the routines required in emergencies. Yet in each case it also poses certain risks, and usually involves considerable costs. However, these disadvantages can be completely eliminated with the aid of simulators. They present no danger to life, use neither gasoline nor extinguishing agents and are largely emission-free - in fact, the worst they can probably do is irritate people. Driving to a call-out in heavy commuter traffic can be practiced in stress-free conditions on a simulator, to name just one example. When it comes to training how to put up an aerial ladder safely and correctly in a wide range of scenarios, there's also no longer any need to travel to all sorts of different locations for the job. With the Aerial Ladder Tactical Simulator (ALTS) from Rosenbauer, you only have to press a couple of buttons.

Yet this new simulator isn’t just amazingly easy to use - it's also incredibly undemanding, requiring just around 25 m2 of space and a power supply. The portable ALTS itself is stored in a compact aluminum box and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Essentially, it consists of two high-performance laptops, a pair of VR goggles, two joysticks and the actual control console for an aerial ladder. While the trainer operates the computer and VR technology to play out different scenarios, the trainee stands in the middle of the room wearing the VR goggles and controls the aerial ladder using the two joysticks or control console. Throughout the exercise, the firefighter can move about freely or even teleport virtually within the training space in the "VR cage".