Sustainable and resource-saving use is thus becoming a significant factor in production and does not stop at the aid and rescue sector.

Many manufacturers of vehicles and equipment are working very intensively on this issue and at INTERSCHUTZ you can see many innovative approaches and solutions for sustainability.

Alternative drive technologies

Electromobility is the forward-looking drive concept for emergency vehicles. Whether on the airfield or in the city center, efficient electric motors combined with increasingly powerful batteries enable high torque and thus strong acceleration to reach the scene quickly.

Environmentally friendly extinguishing agents

In some operations, the environmental impact of extinguishing agents is significantly higher than the resulting property damage. New flour-free extinguishing agents significantly reduce the pollution caused by harmful substances. Many manufacturers are investing in the development of ecological extinguishing agents.


Are firefighting helmets recyclable? Can new ones be made from used clothing? These are the questions PPE manufacturers are addressing. Many products made from sustainable raw materials or recyclable material will be presented at INTERSCHUTZ.


Short distances from production to the consumer, optimized supply chains and sustainable means of transport are further factors in sustainability. And of course, efficient deployment planning also means a reduction in resources.

These and many other facets are playing an increasingly important role at INTERSCHUTZ, whether at exhibitors' stands or in the extensive forum program.