Hannover, Germany. Digital transformation is affecting all areas of life, as innovative technologies continue to make inroads into all sectors of industry, transforming infrastructures and workflows in the process. Communication itself – between people as well as between people and machines, including vehicles – is undergoing a major change. Data analytics, virtual reality and the Internet of Things are opening up new horizons, while at the same time requiring a careful weighing of implementation options. For all these reasons, INTERSCHUTZ has made the subject of digital transformation its lead theme for the upcoming fair, codified in the slogan: "Teams, Tactics, Technology – Connecting Protection and Rescue". The flagship fair is focusing on two major aspects: the use of innovative digital solutions and the necessary cooperation between the various players and institutions.

"A large percentage of our exhibitors are putting the topics of digitization and connectivity at the top of their agenda for their appearance at the show," says Martin Folkerts, Project Manager for INTERSCHUTZ within the Deutsche Messe team. "We are also taking up these aspects recurrently in the conference program, and Hall 16 will serve as a hotspot for digital transformation themes at INTERSCHUTZ 2020."

Hall 16: Visions, ideas and solutions for the future

Hall 16 is the venue where the pulse of the new era will be most strongly felt. Under the title of "Digitization & Transformation", pioneers, lateral thinkers and team thinkers will convene – led by Stefan Truthän, Managing Director of hhpberlin as well as being an active member of the Berlin fire brigade and member of the INTERSCHUTZ Advisory Board for the last two years. "Our goal consists of visions, concepts and solutions for the future," says Truthän. "At INTERSCHUTZ, we will be exploring the implications of phenomena like urbanization, demographic change and digitization in the context of public safety and security." For Truthän it is of paramount importance to act proactively to develop and implement innovative technologies and solutions for concrete application scenarios at an early stage: "By making use of big data, we can improve preventive fire protection, and the use of virtual and augmented reality can help support sustainable knowledge transfer and operational tactics." Above all, however, Truthän is focusing on the major opportunities presented for urban areas and smart cities. "We will be demonstrating the strategies that can contribute to risk reduction in cities and improve public safety through advanced mobile location," he concludes.

Another continually recurring topic in this context will be the future 5G mobile communications standard. Numerous speakers will be delivering talks on the range of potential applications for 5G technology.

Several special presentations will be held in Hall 16 to bring attendees quickly up to speed on the topic of digitization & transformation. At the "Smart Public Safety Hub", exhibitors will showcase joint and interdisciplinary application scenarios for seamless data sharing and connected systems. The Future Trends in Public Safety special display will provide insights into future technological, organizational and social megatrends in civil safety. The Transformation & Digitization Forum features roundtable discussions and interactive sessions on current and future opportunities and challenges. The Spread the Word Lounge is a hotspot for bloggers, influencers, editors and communication managers. Finally, the Demo Area will serve especially as a hotspot for demonstrations of solutions and devices that can also be tested and examined on-site.

Hall 16 will also be the location for startups at INTERSCHUTZ. Seven startups have already been selected to participate at a group pavilion for young and innovative companies sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).