Flexibility and effectiveness are very important to Ohrdrufer SchlauchWeberei Eschbach (OSW), so the company operates its very own spinning mill to spin the warp and weft threads it needs. This reliably prevents bottlenecks and delays if customers have special requirements. Depending on the strength needed for subsequent weaving, the thread-making machines are able to simultaneously twist up to twelve threads of high-quality polyester yarn at top speed to form a single warp or weft thread. As a rule of thumb, the tougher the conditions in which the hose is to be used and the larger its diameter, the stronger the threads need to be. In addition to quality, flexibility and effectiveness, the company also considers individuality to be vital.

OSW believes both voluntary and professional fire services should have suction and delivery hoses with customized lettering. This means they can be clearly identified and also reflects the firefighters' pride in being part of a particular crew. Consequently, the company is offering an inexpensive printing option to customize fire-fighting and industry hoses with a name, contact details and even a logo. In addition to black and white, single-color printing is also available in blue, red, yellow and green.

Ohrdrufer SchlauchWeberei Eschbach GmbH (99885 Ohrdruf, Germany)
Website: https://osw-eschbach.de