It’s tempting to put crowd dynamics firmly in the realms of chaos theory. The field is so complex that even experienced experts can barely predict the consequences of critical situations. When it comes to large events, infrastructure buildings such as railway stations and airports, and trade fairs, making sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly can often present a huge challenge. At INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, Germany, accu:rate – the Munich-based Institute for crowd simulation – is showcasing a solution that helps users to scientifically and impartially evaluate various scenarios up to and including emergency evacuations, from as early as the planning phase.

Computer simulations visualize the consequences of various planning models, helping to identify critical elements as far in advance as possible. Graphics provide comparisons between different concepts, making the case for specific courses of action clear to those involved in the project. Indeed, images are the best way to ensure everyone shares the same understanding of the task at hand. Calculations visualized by accu:rate in the form of diagrams, tables, images and videos also supply objective evaluation criteria and thus help to achieve significant and lasting improvements in the safety of public buildings, infrastructure buildings and events.

accu:rate GbR Chair of Computational Modeling and Simulation (80333 Munich, Germany), Hall 24, Stand D26