cubos Internet GmbH is exhibiting at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover at the Young Innovative Companies pavilion. Launched as the result of a merger in 2012, the company offers a range of applications in the field of Managed Internet Services, and also provides the GroupAlarm service, a high-quality, reliable system that uses text messages and phone calls to issue alarms and has now been available for over ten years. The service has been in continuous development and cubos now offers a web-based alarm signaling solution with GroupAlarm pro software that is unrivalled in terms of speed and flexibility. And this year, at INTERSCHUTZ 2015, a unique GroupAlarm WLAN alarm signaler is also being unveiled.

The new WLAN alarm signaler works independently of the mobile communications network and thus provides an uninterrupted means of issuing alarms and a solution for those times when cellphones have to be switched off or do not have reception. With optimized audio and visual signals to ensure that no alarm is missed, the new device is small, handy and elegant in design. All that is required to log into the alarm server online is a power supply – the device can then be configured in a matter of minutes using the GroupAlarm app and a Bluetooth connection. Suitable as an alarm signaler for the home or office, it can also be quickly installed for signaling alarms or evacuating staff or visitors in buildings.

cubos Internet GmbH (52070 Aachen, Germany), Hall 24, Stand F31 (15), Young Innovative Companies pavilion