Admittedly, an extinguishing blanket is not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the safety equipment used in fire prevention and firefighting. Yet these compact aids are real all-rounders that can stop fires in their tracks in an emergency. Since they can be folded to such a small size, fire blankets are very straightforward to store and transport. The versions packaged in practical PVC covers can easily be kept in automobiles or close to hand at barbecues for extra safety. Yuyao Tianyi Special Carbon Fiber offers a solution for emergencies and firefighting that is equally suitable for domestic use, such as in kitchens and garages, and for commercial environments – in hotels, laboratories and filling stations, for instance.

The environmentally-friendly blanket is made from a treated, particularly soft kind of fiberglass. So in the heat of the moment, there is no need to worry about potential skin irritations. The blanket earns its "fireproof" badge thanks to its fiberglass seams and fire-resistant tape, as evidenced by the relevant N-1869:1997 standard and other international certificates. Its fabric, which is less than half a millimeter thick, is perfect for smothering a fire as it catches light, but can also be used to shield a person’s skin from dangerous heat in an emergency. The blanket comes in standard sizes starting from one square meter. What’s more, this special blanket offers an added advantage over other fire blankets when it comes to the expiry date – there is none!

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