After starting out in the business of “checking and filling fire extinguishing equipment” in 1948, the very next year Ferdinand Döberitz was already looking into developing and manufacturing his own portable and mobile fire extinguishers. His self-initiated line of equipment is still sold under the brand name DÖKA to this day - and filled with the entire standard range of extinguishing agents. DÖKA remains an independent, family-run company, and nowadays is keener than ever to provide high-quality products, ergonomic handling and straightforward servicing. The new Si6BS Bio+ is a shining example of what such high aspirations can achieve.

Specifically designed for combating fat- and oil-based fires, this extinguisher is in fact eminently suitable for almost any scenario. Besides its primary F fire classification, it is also accredited for A- and B class fires. The significant cooling effect achieved by the extinguishing agent in the Si6BS Bio+ is supposed to ensure quicker, easier access to the source of the fire, which of course means far more effective firefighting. What’s more, its innovative fat-fire extinguishing agent is the first to be 100 percent biodegradable and free from any fluorine, PFOS or PFOA additives. It is neither aggressive nor harmful to humans, animals or the environment. As reflected in its name, this credential makes the Bio+ range the obvious choice for users conscious of their potential impact on the environment. The six extinguishing elements contained in the DÖKA Si6BS Bio+ also qualify it as core firefighting equipment according to Germany’s ASR A2.2 technical regulation for occupational health and safety.

DÖKA Feuerlöschgerätebau GmbH (34123 Kassel, Germany)