Experienced emergency workers know they may be called out at any time to an emergency where a hidden danger is literally hanging in the air. This calls for effective use of the appropriate gas measuring technology to tackle imperceptible dangers resulting from flammable or toxic gases and vapors. The new Dräger measurement strategy - which, as always, is available free of charge - gives fire services and relief agencies practical recommendations and information on measuring technology and hazardous substances.

The new Dräger measurement strategy contains detailed sections on "Investigation", "Measuring, Documentation, Evaluation", "Substance Information" and "Recommended Equipment" to answer key questions such as "What measuring technology do I need?", "What measures can I devise from my measuring results?" and "What do I need to do to ensure my measuring equipment also works reliably in the next call-out?" The new strategy responds to these and many other questions using relevant standards and guidelines. All information is clearly presented, and Dräger is also looking to inspire customers to design their own measuring systems with a guide for needs-based equipment.
The new Dräger measurement strategy, which is being continuously updated and expanded, can now be downloaded from www.draeger.com/messstrategie.

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