The "Red Alert" exhibition aims to highlight emergencies and reveal what we can learn from them. The doors to this sensory experience at DASA, Germany’s largest exhibition on the working world, in Dortmund opened just recently, on 4 March. The public is invited to explore 800 square meters of fascinating emergency scenarios in the natural world, traffic and industry until it closes on 24 September. There are five zones devoted to natural disasters, blazes, industrial incidents, traffic accidents and the "human factor", which include around 200 exhibits, models, info panels offering examples from all over the world, and three simulators. The target audience of adults, teenagers and families with children aged ten and over can explore the exhibition seven days a week, including holidays.

"Red Alert" addresses a series of crucial questions: What role do humans play in the midst of disasters? What can you do to protect yourself? And what precautions can you take to stay safe? To help uncover the answers, the exhibition tells the stories of people who saved lives during catastrophes such as Chernobyl, Fukushima and on the Titanic, and simulators immerse people directly in realistic scenarios. For example, in the earthquake simulator, visitors can test their personal limits between shaking walls and experience how crucial safety belts are in the roll simulator. "Red Alert" provides the perfect mixture of thrills and education – something that visitors experience here could very well save the day in a crisis.