When the going gets tough, firefighters rely on their personal protective equipment, or PPE, designed to protect them against external dangers at the incident scene. But what about in their leisure time? Or while they're on call? Many dedicated firefighters are also keen to express their passion away from the scene of a fire and are on the lookout for outfits to do this. Firefighter, paramedic and designer Enrico Scholz is proud to be one of the first to identify this gap in the market. And with his label FIRE & FIGHT Streetwear, he seems to have really struck a chord with the entire firefighting community.

Whether it's gigantic firefighter beach towels, intricate, hand-drawn firefighting motifs, original jewelry for firefighters and life-savers, the popular firefighter bedlinen, thermo mugs for emergency workers in the police, fire department and ambulance service, the almost legendary stress relief blanket, the firefighter's bandana/snood with a breathing apparatus design or other gift ideas, everything is down to the creativity of Enrico Scholz. Yet Scholz is always mindful of the need for authenticity. He deliberately tries to avoid overstated heroism, and aims more toward humor instead. One of his shirts, for example, says: "Your escape route is my route to work!"

FIRE & FIGHT e.K., owner Angela Scholz (40764 Langenfeld, Germany)
Website: www.fireandfight.com