VOMATEC Innovations GmbH carries out research and development work on integrated software solutions and new technologies for fire departments, emergency services, disaster protection, the police, industrial plant safety, and facilities where safety standards are particularly stringent. Its products are designed to support staff in control rooms and security centers as well as response teams at the scene, helping first and foremost to prevent damage and also ensuring faster and safer damage control. When INTERSCHUTZ reopens its gates in June 2020, VOMATEC will be showcasing a whole host of innovations, including its digital system RescueWave, developed to support emergency response and control teams when tackling large-scale emergencies.

RescueWave is designed as a central tool to help both first responders and control and command centers overcome challenges in MCIs (mass-casualty incidents) much more quickly and with up-to-date, reliable information. "Rescue.Nodes" - intuitive, electronic triage devices that replace conventional triage tags - and software specifically designed for this particular application are said to significantly speed up triage processes and patient care and transport. With the help of these features, the system can automatically show which triage category patients have been assigned to, who is in most urgent need of care, and who needs to be transported where and by which means of transport. What's more, the system provides information on how many people have been affected and where they are currently located. This makes it possible to carry out briefings quickly and effectively, and take the necessary measures as appropriate to the relevant needs and priorities. The system also collects targeted information, which can then be combined and forwarded to the relevant control and command teams. This way, decision-makers on the team can benefit from reliable data and figures from the very outset of the incident, enabling them to quickly update relatives, authorities and the public as needed.