Large-scale floods are usually associated with sandbags being passed down long human chains and highly intensive physical labor. The same applies to smaller-scale floods that receive less media attention – on building sites, for instance. The process of delivering the sand, filling the bags and building up the barriers creates a major logistical challenge that may well be effective, but is also extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming. The CENO-Tube solution on show at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 offers a welcome alternative. A hose system made using flexible membrane material, it can be rolled out in the event of an emergency and filled with water to create a flood barrier up to 2.6 meters high – exceptionally quickly and with relatively little physical effort.

The benefits of this system are particularly clear when compared to the conventional "sandbagging" method. Not only is the CENO-Tube more stable – it is also calculated to be some 92 times faster to set up than a comparable sandbag structure. What's more, the system works on any terrain and can also be reused. Unrolling and filling the system requires four people and takes approximately one hour – when used along a 100-meter bank, this is the equivalent of 350 sandbaggers working for the same amount of time. Thanks to the system’s compact size when rolled up and the use of water that is readily available, it can be transported in a simple car trailer, making for a much more manageable logistics operation.

CENO Membrane Technology GmbH (48268 Greven, Germany), Hall 26, Stand B21/1