Positioning a crane arm with millimeter precision, applying a drill bit at exactly the right point in the darkest of cavities, or perhaps even finding a needle in a burning haystack? Help is on hand for situations like these that involve poor visibility or dangerous conditions, thanks to the radiomatic® photon – the new radio control device from HBC-radiomatic that displays live video footage. The device's camera assistance system enables operators to constantly monitor the working environment of the remotely controlled device without having to place themselves in any danger.

The new system can work with several cameras – which can be mounted anywhere in the environment – in parallel. Over a range of up to 150 meters, the video signals produce sharp images on the handy display that is built into the remote control unit. What’s more, the cameras recognize poor weather and light conditions and can automatically switch to infrared mode. The company is inviting visitors to try out the camera system for themselves at its INTERSCHUTZ stand in Hannover.

HBC-radiomatic GmbH (74564 Crailsheim, Germany), Hall 27, Stand N08

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