While fire extinguishers are used for fighting smaller blazes and fire hoses are the tool of choice for large conflagrations, the 50-liter trolley from Advanced Firefighting Technology GmbH is designed primarily for tackling medium-sized fires. The trolley can spring into action quickly thanks to its straightforward operation and sophisticated nozzle that can switch rapidly between jet and spray mode. Another factor that makes the trolley much simpler to handle is its mobile system, thanks to which operators can move the extinguishing unit from place to place with the utmost ease. The trolley is particularly useful in warehouses, workshops and construction sites where highly flammable materials are stored and the response to any fire must be immediate.

Measuring nearly a meter in height, the red stainless steel tank is protected by a powder-coated steel frame. In the event of a fire, the range of the extinguishing agent at a working pressure of 7.5 bar is 16 to 18 meters in jet mode and 6 to 7 meters in spray mode. Approximately two minutes is all the time it takes the trolley to propel the 50 liters of extinguishing agent through the 5-meter-long hose. That's equivalent to a flow rate of 24 to 25 liters per minute. The tank is compatible with numerous extinguishing agents and, once empty, is very easy to refill. All in all, it’s an uncomplicated and effective firefighter – made in Germany and certified to EN 1866.

Advanced Firefighting Technology GmbH (49163 Bohmte, Germany), Hall 13, Stand B26

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