When an expansive warehouse in Quakenbr├╝ck caught fire on January 15, 2020, a special new addition to the local fire department was able to make quite the first impression. Equipped with drones, which helped coordinate the mission from the outside, and, more importantly, a special new firefighting robot, the fire department ultimately got the blaze under control. Incidentally, the robot in question - the "Alpha Rover Rescue" - completed what was its maiden callout on home turf, as it was developed by local company Alpha Robotics.

The "Alpha Rover Rescue" was specifically designed to minimize human intervention in immediate hazard areas, thus offering long-term protection for rescue teams during high-risk reconnaissance, security and firefighting missions. Depending on the scenario in question, the Rover can be equipped with a variety of tools, including a water cannon, an infrared camera or a power puller. What's more, there is also a specially developed vehicle to help get the Rover to where it's needed as quickly as possible. This also functions as a high-tech command center that can be used to control both the coordination drones and the "Alpha Rover Rescue" at a safe distance from the danger zone. The manufacturer sees this innovative solution as nothing short of a groundbreaking UGV that looks certain to set new standards when it comes to advanced mobility, communication range, capabilities and performance.