Founded in 1925 and located to the north-west of Milan, Alfredo Grassi has transformed from a small family business into a large international company for technical textiles. In recent years in particular, new technical clothing products have been developed by incorporating innovative materials and substances along with intelligent textile solutions. The aim is not just to make the garments more functional, but also to optimize their safety and comfort. Following the apparent success of this strategy, the Italians have now taken things to the next level by developing the Smart Jacket - a new, intelligent product for firefighters that includes the very latest technologies.

A complex system has been integrated into the jacket so a number of different parameters can be recorded and monitored - from the firefighter's vitals, including heart rate and body temperature, to readings from the immediate vicinity, such as the air temperature and the proportion of nitrous gases, carbon monoxide, methane or hydrogen. The Smart Jacket also boasts a Bluetooth connection for remote control and monitoring functions and further technical gadgets such as a thermal imaging camera and a visual and acoustic emergency signaling system.

Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. (21015 Lonate Pozzolo, Italy)