"Oh, shoot! How do we deal with fat fires in dynamite factories again?! Can you quickly check the handbook?" Fortunately, situations like this hardly ever occur in reality. This is partly down to the fact that our firefighters take their duties seriously and prepare for virtually all eventualities. But how do you train for atypical scenarios as effectively as possible in practice? This is a question AISCO Firetrainer raised over 30 years ago, and it has been providing new and increasingly cutting-edge answers to it ever since.

Nowadays, AISCO is known for its comprehensive portfolio of products and services, all under the banner of professional fire prevention training. Offering everything from training extinguishers, filling stations and smoke generators to fire prevention workshops and its flagship "fire trainer" series - the company boasts an enormous range of solutions, which are also set to be showcased at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, now postponed till 2021. One of the "fire trainers" on show is the new "Fettboy", which AISCO calls the perfect helper when it comes to teaching firefighters how to deal with fat explosions. The "Fettboy" is light and compact, quick and easy to use, and designed to resemble a real piece of kitchen equipment. It also features removable support legs, an accessory compartment and a dirt-proof housing. Not only that, but, according to AISCO, the "Fettboy" is always ready to produce an explosion.

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