LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH has over 45 years’ experience and is considered a pioneer when it comes to hydraulic rescue tools. Its cutters, spreaders and combi tools are all "Made in Germany" and have an excellent reputation with the emergency services thanks to their extremely high-performance, robust and user-friendly design. The company is particularly proud of developing the LUKAS eDRAULIC technology that ensures the tools now also benefit from flexible, mobile operation without hose-connected drives. The high-capacity batteries used for this purpose withstand even the most challenging conditions. And the already wide range of options has now been expanded further still.

LUKAS Hydraulik recently unveiled its "Special Edition" eWXT (eDRAULIC WATERTIGHT EXTRICATION TOOL), which will make it possible to save lives quickly and safely underwater, too. Each of the water-resistant units in eWXT series SP 555, S 788 and R 521 - the latter is a completely new design - has a brushless motor, an axial piston pump and a re-engineered control valve. Customers can choose from either five or nine ampere-hour batteries.

LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH (91058 Erlangen, Germany)