Highly topical and causing considerable controversy right now, the issue of nose and mouth protection is one that firefighters and rescue workers have long been discussing given that they're often confronted with heavily contaminated air during their operations. A number of companies from the equipment sector have been focusing on this special field for many years with a view to providing the best possible protection in such scenarios. PGI, Inc. from Green Lake, Wisconsin in the United States is one of these. To coincide with INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover - now postponed till next year - it announced the launch of COBRA BarriAire Gold, a range of highly effective particulate barrier hoods.

According to the manufacturer, COBRA BarriAire Gold is one of those rare cases where less really is more – a claim supported by practical tests in which firefighters compared its weight, breathability and comfort with a conventional hood. PGI says its BarriAire Gold hoods are also quieter than laminated PTFE hoods, which can make it easier for firefighters to communicate and improve their situational awareness. The hoods' key feature, however, is that they are designed to provide better protection against harmful particulates and contaminants in areas with the highest exposure risk. To achieve this, the company combines an outer layer made from proprietary PGI gold FR fabric with an inner layer of ultra-lightweight DuPont Nomex Nano Flex fabric, which is intended to inhibit the penetration of many small-sized harmful particles. COBRA BarriAire Gold hoods are UL-classified to the NFPA Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting (2018 edition). They also comply with EN 13911:2017.

PGI, Inc. (Preston PR2 2YB, UK)
Website: www.pgi-inc.com