One of Germany's regional higher administrative courts cautioned that "experience shows people must constantly be prepared for a fire breaking out. The fact that many buildings have eluded this fate for decades doesn't disprove the risk, but instead merely points to good fortune that could run out any time!" It would seem difficult to refute this conclusion and thus foolhardy, if not criminally negligent, not to comply with statutory fire regulations in public and commercial spaces and buildings and rectify any shortcomings. Indeed, companies seeking to implement the recommendations of occupational safety risk assessments are increasingly turning to the combination fire extinguishing kits provided by Prymos GmbH.

The company has developed this ingenious duo to fulfill all the key specifications and requirements outlined in Germany’'s ASR A2.2 technical regulations for workplaces and the new German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. So they certainly cover the formalities, but what are these systems actually like to use? If a fire breaks out, every second counts in the attempt to get the flames under control - and that's where conventional fire extinguishers, which can weigh up to 20 kilograms, simply cannot compete with Prymos' handy, instinctive, wide-angle spray canisters. It's only during the follow-up phase of securing the situation that full-sized extinguishers come into their own. This is precisely what led Prymos to team up fire extinguishing spray canisters with innovative fire extinguishers made from corrosion-free composite materials such as Kevlar® and HDPE, including gas and vapor barriers. Companies can rest assured that the combination of certified fire extinguishing spray canisters and PM10 fire extinguishers supplied by Prymos will tick all the right boxes in the fight against fire at the workplace.

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