In regions hit by tsunamis, earthquakes and other disasters, those affected usually have to rely on outside help as the local infrastructure is often disrupted or put out of action. In the most extreme cases, public buildings are either non-existent or completely destroyed, so aid workers and victims are reliant on mobile solutions they can use as operational headquarters, storage, medical stations and emergency accommodation. At INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover, GYBE Design Team Germany GmbH is showcasing inflatable tents that are ideal for aid efforts due to their compact pack size, easy inflation and generous dimensions.

GYBE Humanity Tents come in two spacious designs. Once erected, the GYBE 4000 offers 16 square meters of internal space, while the GYBE 5000 provides an impressive 25 square meters. Despite these generous proportions, the tents weigh a mere 15 and 19 kilograms respectively, so can be easily carried and set up by just one person. Using a compressor, the fire- and water-resistant tents can be erected in next to no time, taking just two minutes until they are ready for immediate action. Thanks to the Fusion Panel connector pieces, individual tent modules can also be joined to create an even larger integrated space. The deceptively roomy tents are available in a range of colors.

GYBE Design Team Germany GmbH (26382 Wilhelmshaven), Hall 25, Stand C23

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