Back in 2005, Feuerwear was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of old fire hoses and give them a new lease of life. The upcycled material may no longer be putting out fires, but it’s now quenching the thirst for accessories that really stand out from the crowd. The Cologne-based label designs and produces everything from backpacks, bags, belts and wallets to many other useful and novelty items from used fire hoses that would otherwise end up as waste polluting the environment. The upcycling concept means each and every item is a unique, hand-made product. After all, every hose is already a one-off due to its color, markings and signs of wear and tear.

The attraction of fire hoses goes beyond this aesthetic appeal, though. They are also made from high-grade material that needs to meet the toughest demands. Excellent heat and tear resistance makes this material ideal for highly durable backpacks such as the new Elliot model Feuerwear has now launched. Available in red, white and black, Elliot boasts an impressively minimalist slimline design. With main and laptop compartments plus a zippered pocket both inside and out, it provides a total capacity of 13 liters - plenty of space for your laptop, headphones and lunchbox in the morning or your gym gear in the evening. The handy external zippered pocket is perfect for all the little bits and pieces you need regular access to. Last but not least, an extra-wide splash zipper protects the contents of Elliot’s main compartment against water, proving that an old hose can indeed learn new tricks!

Feuerwear GmbH & Co. KG (50827 Cologne, Germany)