The event was able to build on its leading position both in terms of numbers and content. Over the three-day show, more than 23,000 trade visitors and industry experts traveled to Centro Fiera in Montichiari to learn about and network on the latest disaster management technologies and in-field experience vis-à-vis rescue services, civil protection and fire protection.

"REAS is devoted to institutions, professionals and volunteer helpers," says Germano Giancarli, Chairman of Centro Fiera. "The fair serves as a showcase for high-quality products and services – all of which serve to underscore the competitiveness of our companies. We are proud that REAS is proving to be both a reference point and a key port of call for a sector that is becoming strategically more important every year."

The renewed increase in the percentage of high-caliber buyers and foreign trade visitors is one of the successes in the five-year partnership between Centro Fiera di Montichiari and the INTERSCHUTZ organizers at Deutsche Messe. The aim of the cooperation is to strengthen the REAS brand on European markets and create a continuous exchange of information between Italy and Germany in the field of civil protection and emergency management. "After five years of partnership between Centro Fiera di Montichiari and Deutsche Messe, REAS has taken another step on the road to internationalization," says Andreas Züge, General Manager of Fiera di Hannover – the Italian subsidiary of Deutsche Messe – adding: "REAS is the only event of national and international importance in this field. The attendance of numerous international delegations has resulted in stable cooperation, even friendships between Italian and foreign specialists, thus making an important contribution to building a true disaster management community."

The event’s supporting workshops concentrated on the importance of efficient coordination between public authorities, government units and organizations. To this end, the practical experience of various European countries was examined and the various standards within the EU compared.

"Connected thoughts and actions are becoming increasingly important within the context of international cooperation," explains Claus Lange, head of the vfdb delegation and Director of the Hanover Fire Department. "REAS represents an ideal platform for the intensive sharing of expertise between the various organizations involved in dealing with emergencies, which unfortunately are becoming ever more common."

The great success of REAS 2017 will serve as the starting point for preparations for the next REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ – from 5 to 7 October 2018.