Rosenbauer International AG is without doubt one of the world's most innovative fire truck designers. This was once again demonstrated at the end of September when the Austrian company gave the trade press its first glimpse of the new RT series, which is soon to be delivered to initial customers. The name RT (Revolutionary Technology) is based on Rosenbauer's own naming system but is also intended to emphasize the vehicle's unique characteristics. As Head of Group Strategy, Innovation & Marketing Michael Friedmann explains: "We deliberately chose this name because we are convinced that the RT represents a fundamental change - a revolution in fire truck construction. The vehicle is not just a further development or a new generation of an existing type or series. It is a response to new challenges, based on completely new approaches and technologies - technologies that we believe could be trendsetting and perhaps even groundbreaking for the future of fire trucks and fire departments."

According to Rosenbauer, the RT is based on a radical new design, making it unlike any other vehicle. It represents a milestone in firefighting. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the hybrid vehicle combines safety, ergonomics, functionality and digital operational support - with a strong focus on sustainability. Everyone from rescue workers to local residents will appreciate this vehicle's revolutionary technology and battery-powered drive, enabling emission-free and virtually silent operation. The RT is thus setting new, visionary standards in climate protection, noise control and health protection. Initial RT trucks are due to start operating soon in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai.

Rosenbauer International AG (4060 Linz-Leonding, Austria)