The people tasked with saving lives and protecting valuable assets should be able to rely on their equipment and tools - especially as their own safety often depends on having fully functioning gear. AWG Fittings urges customers to put their trust in its product portfolio if their work involves rushing to the aid of others in danger or taming the unwieldy forces of nature. As a full-service provider of fire-fighting fittings, fire protection systems and hydraulic rescue equipment, AWG supplies fire departments, industrial companies and other users all over the world with sophisticated and innovative products.

Forest and wildland fires, in particular, are proving to be an extremely demanding challenge for both people and gear in equal measure - and climate change is making them all the more commonplace. On top of that, extinguishing water is often hard to come by, which makes supplying it to the incident site particularly difficult. AWG is looking to change that with the new Turbo-Spritze 2090, specially developed for use with type-D hose lines. In fact, this innovative solution can be used to project extinguishing water as well as wetting and foaming agents, and only requires flow rates of 30 liters per minute to achieve maximum coverage. That’s enough to spray 3,000 liters of extinguishing water for approximately 100 minutes. What's more, despite weighing just 1.5 kilograms, the 2090 is extremely robust, and its on/off lever and hand grip can easily be used as a pull handle, helping firefighters maintain maximum mobility while at the scene of an incident. All these characteristics make the Turbo-Spritze 2090 perfect for "pump-and-roll”" operations and other techniques for fighting wildfires using pumps with limited outlet pressure. An additional benefit of not projecting too powerful a water jet is that this reduces the risk of firefighters getting injured during decontamination. Besides all its special new features, the 2090 also includes all the functions customers have come to expect from the AWG Turbo-Spritze product line, such as two pointers for easy handling (even in low visibility), a flushing function and the ability to adjust the spray jet.