Fortunately, it isn't every day that large buildings such as hotels, offices, hospitals and care homes need to be evacuated under extreme time pressure. Yet emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere. Regular staff training is therefore essential to ensure everything runs smoothly when the worst comes to the worst. To bring a certain structure to what are often chaotic situations, small-scale tools can be used that can have a big impact. rescue-tec has unveiled one such tool in the run-up to INTERSCHUTZ 2020.

The newly developed rescue-tec Evacuation Bag is designed to accommodate the equipment urgently needed in an evacuation. According to the supplier, the bag should ideally be kept at a meeting or assembly point that any key staff would go to in an emergency. The bags have space for five writing cases that can be filled with high-visibility vests, door identification ribbons, a flashlight, building and evacuation plans, checklists and other related items. The writing cases are clearly arranged in the bag and marked with the relevant team name using color-matched Velcro labels. Writing cases are provided for evacuation management, assembly point management, technical staff and two runner teams. A separate vest and flashlight can also be stored for senior management in the outside pocket.