Young boys and girls everywhere are fascinated by emergency and commercial vehicles and, for some, that passion might even signal a future career path. Of course, you'd expect that these people would have no problem distinguishing between real-life vehicles and the inventions dreamt up by their favorite comic book artists and filmmakers. However, out of Russia there now comes a vehicle that seems to seriously blur the lines between fantasy and reality. The Avtoros Shaman 8x8 is an SUV - or rather an MUV (monumental utility vehicle) - the likes of which the world has never seen before, and as such, it is perfectly suited for very special tasks for the good of humanity.

The Avtoros Shaman is based on tried-and-tested, particularly robust Russian military technology, and has been developed to transport people to especially hard-to-reach regions - or even to rescue sick or injured people from such areas. The vehicle is an impressive 2.5 meters wide, 6.4 meters long, and 2.7 meters tall - making a Hummer H1 look like a toy car. Thanks to eight huge low-pressure tires that keep the chassis 45 centimeters above the ground and a "crabbing function" that enables the MUV to move sideways, the Shaman can plow through just about any terrain, and even short stretches of water are no real obstacle for this giant vehicle. While the driver has a central position up front in the cockpit, there is plenty of room in the back for passengers. In the ambulance version that has been christened the "Shamambulance", for example, there is space for four medics plus their equipment and two patients - a staff-to-patient ratio that is sure to turn heads.

Avtoros LLC (127299 Moscow, Russia)