Fotokite is a Swiss company with locations in Zurich CH, Syracuse NY, and Boulder CO. Founded in 2014, Fotokite designs, develops, and manufactures fully autonomous, persistent, and reliable tools from the ground up to help public safety teams manage complex, safety-critical situations.

Fotokites save team resources by launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button. Able to achieve true autonomous flight with 24 hour continuous flight time, Fotokites require no active piloting and therefore allow teams to focus on their mission while providing live thermal and low-light imaging from the height of up to 45m. Whether first on-scene or arriving mid-response, simple usability and quick set-up time allows first responders to access secure and reliable aerial overviews within seconds to help them understand their incident scenes.

The Fotokite Sigma is an industrial grade, IP55 rated system that consists of the Ground Station and the Kite. A ruggedized tablet runs the Fotokite Live App and displays the thermal and low light video streams simultaneously, giving teams actionable information throughout their mission. The system is offered in three configurations: vehicle rooftop mount, transport case, and vehicle-integrated tray mount.

Reliability, durability and safety are key aspects of every Fotokite system. Fotokites are regularly deployed in harsh weather conditions such as wind, snow or rain and first responders rely on Fotokite’s safety and redundancy every day. The reinforced load rated ultra-thin tether that connects the kite to the ground station, acts as an interference free connection and a power source allowing the system to fly for over 24 hours on the go.

Live video streamed onto the ruggedized tablet comes standard and can be shared with team members for control hand-off and mutual aid responses. Optional remote video streaming via integrated cellular data modem enables off-site collaborators to review and provide remote incident support from anywhere.