The many unpleasant consequences of disasters – whether small or large – often include contamination caused by spilled liquids or chemicals. This is precisely why OILEX GmbH has developed a highly effective and efficient organic binding agent, which is also called OILEX and was launched in 2014. The company is based in Krefeld-Uerdingen, a crucial logistical hub in the German chemicals industry, and is making the most of INTERSCHUTZ 2015 to demonstrate live how easy-to-use, effective and absorbent the product is – both on water and a range of other surfaces.

OILEX is capable of binding oil and oil-like substances in a matter of seconds and boasts several other exceptional properties. For instance, because it is based on a purely biological natural fiber and does not contain plastic additives, small quantities of it can be disposed of as standard waste after use, along with the liquids absorbed. What’s more, it can be used on water, rough ground and roads, as it is certified for all three categories – for large (and flowing) bodies of water, for general use on rough ground and smaller bodies of water, and for special applications, particularly in trade and industry.

OILEX GmbH (47829 Krefeld, Germany), Hall 26, Stand B21/3

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