By introducing a new seal of quality the German Fire Prevention Association (vfdb) is aiming to raise quality standards, both in Germany and internationally, in fire prevention, safety at work, disaster prevention, civil defence and accident prevention. Carrying the words "Safety made in Germany" – SMG for short – the seal is designed to reinforce the good reputation of German products and services and promote the achievements of German industry and science. The charitable foundation SafeInno, founded four years ago at the instigation of the vfdb, is planning to present SMG to the general public for the first time at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover.

As president of vfdb, Dirk Aschenbrenner, noted, the right to use the SMG branding (text and image) will be granted to applicants for a period of four years, and entitles them to use the logo for specified products and services. The initial period can be extended.

The idea is that SMG should be seen as a hallmark for proven quality from Germany. "Our safety standards are among the highest in the world. We have stringent standards for safety in the workplace, and high standards of quality in the area of civil defence and disaster relief in Germany", notes the president. Germany’s fire services, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and the German Red Cross are setting standards across the world for professional aid wherever it is needed. And what works for Germany will also work elsewhere.”"

"Safety made in Germany" represents a big gain in safety for the populations of Germany and Europe", says the president of the German Fire Services Association (DFV), Hans-Peter Kröger, about the initiative. According to THW president Albrecht Broemme, SMG sets new standards in civil defence and disaster relief. "Safety cannot be guaranteed – but we should be able to depend on high-quality products and services", says the president of the Federal Agency for Civil Defence and Disaster Relief (BBK), Christoph Unger, whose support for the new seal of quality is echoed by the president of the German Red Cross, Rudolf Seiters: "Our aid workers need high-quality products that keep them safe when they are doing their job. So we support SMG – because it helps to ensure a high level of safety."