The risk of a fire is without doubt a genuine and fundamental threat for IT operations, but what actually triggers fires in data centers? In recent years, statistics from Germany's Institut f├╝r Schadenverh├╝tung und Schadenforschung (Institute for Loss Prevention and Loss Research, relating to the causes of all kinds of fires have repeatedly identified electronic components as the main culprit. Most data center fires are small smoldering fires caused by defective power supply units, faulty capacitors or other short circuits. Given that most companies are highly dependent on their IT systems, fire safety should play a key role in risk prevention, but what fire safety concepts are available for data centers? There's now another new option, because the low-pressure water-mist system for complete data center protection from Danish firefighting specialist VID Fire-Kill has recently gained FM approval - a certification recognized by authorities around the globe.

VID Fire-Kill is among the exhibitors at INTERSCHUTZ 2020 and is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of innovative, eco-friendly fixed water-based fire-suppression systems. Now FM-certified, the Danish company's Fire-Kill low-pressure water-mist system is designed to protect all areas of today's data centers from fire damage - from server halls and subfloors to technical rooms and offices. According to the manufacturer, the solution has several benefits. Its extremely low water consumption is designed to minimize space requirements and the level of water damage in the event of a fire. What's more, the low water pressures typically used in conventional sprinkler systems ensure reliability and robustness. Last but not least, cost efficiency on a par with gas systems is achieved without the risks the use of chemicals and other extinguishing agents in such systems pose to drinking water.