In addition to helping those involved in an accident, securing the site is extremely important to prevent any further risks to passers-by and those not directly affected. Generally the first on the scene, the emergency services have to assess the situation and, above all, take care that they do not put themselves in danger. As no two scenarios are the same, hazards like sharp vehicle body components always present a new challenge, demanding the utmost concentration from everyone present. At INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover, U.K. company Packexe is showcasing Sharpswrap , an adhesive film that, despite its easy application, provides added safety for emergency teams at the scene and makes rescue work easier.

The resilient film is an extra tool that emergency teams can use to secure all hazards. As it is so quick and easy to use, potential risks can be eliminated in next to no time. The adhesive film is applied to sharp edges or broken glass, providing a safe surface that is also highly visible due to the bright yellow color. At 10 centimeters wide and 30 meters long, the film is best applied with the reusable roller that can be worn on a belt or stored with other rescue equipment. A roll of Sharpswrap lasts for around 50 applications, ensuring many critical areas that might be left in a dangerous state due to pressure of time can be made safe quickly and easily.

Packexe Ltd. (Exeter EX2 8NY, U.K.), Hall 26, Stand K37

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