HB Protective Wear GmbH & Co.KG has been developing and manufacturing high-quality PPE solutions designed to shield people from specific dangers at the workplace since 1952. The company is the only manufacturer in Germany to have concentrated exclusively on protective clothing for more than 65 years. Moreover, it claims to have done so in exemplary compliance with industry standards, while applying highly specialized material and processing expertise and conducting entirely manual final checks for every product. The latest solution from HB Protective Wear focuses on items that can be worn under the actual protective clothing to enhance the protection it offers even further.

Known as "HB-BodySafe FR", this innovation is a certified, flame-retardant, highly functional undergarment that is also designed to be exceptionally comfortable to wear. "HB-BodySafe FR" has been specially developed to be worn underneath Category II and III protective clothing. According to the manufacturer, this means wearers are permanently protected from flames and the potential effects of a flashover - right down to the very first layer of clothing they put on. The product line also boasts anti-static properties and is certified to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. The new functional undergarment uses 'body mapping' to account for the different requirements of the individual zones of the body. Woven flex and transpiration zones, for example, are intended to provide greater freedom of movement and reliably wick away moisture. "HB-BodySafe FR" generally offers a very snug fit and is made from a highly elastic, soft and quick-drying material that is designed to be highly breathable. What’s more, the special seamless design eliminates the side seams that can often prove to be irritating and thus enhances the comfort and fit further still.

But that’'s not all - the composition of the fabric demonstrates HB’s expert know-how, too. The company has combined particularly strong aramid with high-quality Lenzing FR viscose and easy-care, soft and lightweight modacrylic fibers. Finally, elastane has been incorporated to make the garment stretchy and less susceptible to tearing, while special anti-static fibers are designed to help dissipate electrostatic charges. "With our new FR underwear, we have united comfort, care and certification - in short, ultimate functionality - in one high-end product. The market has been searching for such a product as it delivers everything customers look for in state-of-the-art PPE underwear," said Sven Holst, Sales Director at HB Protective Wear.

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