Current topics are weight reduction, breathability and freedom of movement. Another central topic that has been increasingly brought into focus in recent years is the avoidance of contact with hazardous substances. For example, fire smoke contains carcinogenic toxins such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). But other hazardous substances can also be deposited on clothing. There is an enhanced risk of absorbing the toxins, especially when the operational clothing is taken off. Appropriate operational hygiene is therefore of great importance.

On its YouTube channel S-Gard gives helpful recommendations in a video series. To deepen the knowledge, S-Gard regularly holds seminars on operational hygiene, cleaning and maintenance of protective clothing. S-Gard also has a list of cleaning companies certified specifically for the washing of protective clothing.

Ranger 2.0 - the protective suit for fighting wildfires

S-Gard also has new products available on the market, including Ranger 2.0 - the protective suit for fighting wildfires. During wildland operations, task forces are often exposed to high heat for hours and have to cover long distances on foot. Operational clothing must thus not only protect against heat, it should also be light, breathable and suitable for movement. For such applications S-Gard has developed the Ranger 2.0 protective suit. Jacket and trousers can be coupled with a zipper. In order to save weight, material doublings were dispensed with. Instead, a ceramic coating provides increased protection against abrasion.

S-Gard uses the highly breathable Ecodry from Hainsworth as the outer material. The suit also has ventilation openings on the arm and leg sides. Stretch zones made of elastic Nomex material, pant gusset and stretch pleats at the sleeve base ensure exceptional freedom of movement.

Hero 2.0 - The protective suit from S-GARD has been completely revised

The Hero jacket now features segmented reflective stripes, patch radio pockets and checker plate reinforcements at the elbows, cuffs and flaps. The multi-layer material is absolutely heat-resistant and very durable. S-Gard uses the highly breathable Gore-Tex Airlock membrane as a moisture barrier.

Its highlight: small silicone buffers provide space between the membrane and the outer fabric. This improves insulation in extreme situations, and the layer structure is also more flexible and less bulky. The three-dimensional special fabric DR3Lite is used for the lining.