Already in this first phase of the year, there are numerous reconfirmations from the exhibitors of the 2022 edition. Another very positive figure is the interest from new companies asking to participate in REAS for the first time. Further proof of the Salone’s ability to enhance the products and services of those who work in the emergency sector. Furthermore, by registering by 10 February, companies in the fire-fighting, civil protection and first aid sectors are entitled to the benefits of the early bird.

REAS recorded a significant growth in the exposure dedicated to fire prevention. The presence at REAS of the main national and international players guarantees a complete overview of special vehicles, equipment and services dedicated to sector operators. The International Emergency Exhibition is therefore confirmed as a unique opportunity to preside over the Italian market, thanks to the strategic position of Montichiari and the attractiveness of the fair which attracts operators in the sector, institutions, state bodies in search of the latest market. Furthermore, every year the exhibition offer of the fire-fighting sector is accompanied by a program of special events dedicated to operators and volunteers, such as the “AIB Round Table” which brings together the top representatives of Italian forest fire-fighting to analyze the state of the art at the end of the summer period. The 2023 edition of REAS will deepen this path with thematic areas, demonstrations, technical tests and product tests.

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Source: Centro Fiera Montichiari