Nothing is more important for firefighters and rescue workers than regular training under the most realistic conditions possible. Kidde Fire Trainers GmbH is the market leader in gas-fueled and computer-controlled fire simulations and can deliver the ideal solution for virtually any application in this field. Its extensive range of fully controllable fire scenarios are highly realistic and intense but also exceptionally safe, thus forming the perfect basis for safe, effective rescue personnel training. Up till now, however, it has not been possible to simulate wildland fires in a way that is both realistic and safe for participants and the surrounding environment. Nonetheless, Kidde Fire Trainers has risen to the challenge – and is now unveiling its innovative, fully functional solution at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 in Hannover, Germany.

It had previously been widely assumed that too many mock-up trees and burn sites would be required to replicate a forest fire accurately. This makes the world’s first fully functional wildland fire trainer from Kidde an all the more innovative development in fire simulation technology. The fire trainer features a combination of 24 mock-up trees and 12 surface and bush fires, all equipped with cutting-edge fire simulation technology. The 12 surface fires consist of 2 large stationary fires with a burn area of 120 square meters each, and 10 smaller movable fires with a burn area of up to 10 square meters. The types of fire that this system can be used to simulate include extremely challenging scenarios such as "crowning" – one of the most feared wildland fire situations of all.

Kidde Fire Trainers GmbH (52070 Aachen, Germany), Hall 13, Stand F26

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