REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ opens on 4 October in Montichiari (Lombardy) and runs until 6 October. Italy's leading trade show for the first aid and rescue services, firefighting and civil protection. Many high-level representatives of Germany's emergency services will be there, among them Dirk Aschenbrenner, President of the German Fire Protection Association (GFPA), and Hartmut Ziebs, President of the German Fire Services Association (DFV).

"REAS 2019 is all about innovation and ideas, diversity and building networks between fire services across national borders," commented DFV President Hartmut Ziebs, who is the official patron of this year's show. "I am really looking forward to dialoguing with my fellow fire service professionals at national and international level and will be making the most of the opportunity to showcase the German fire service system," he said. Ziebs and DFPA President Dirk Aschenbrenner will deliver welcoming addresses as guests of honor at the REAS grand opening ceremony. They will also be part of a special international workshop held during the show. Aschenbrenner: "International cooperation is now more important than ever, because disasters are not constrained by national borders. Our aim at REAS, therefore, is to share insights on our work practices with our Italian partners. We would also like to learn how they deal with the problems and challenges they face. Italy's civil protection sector is, after all, well known for its extensive experience and high quality."

This year's REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ will occupy some 24,000 square meters (258,000 sq. ft.) of display space and feature 170 exhibitors, including 10 from Germany. The event's organizers anticipate there will be more than 23,000 industry professionals in attendance, which is roughly on a par with the previous show.

International providers of equipment for the fire protection, firefighting, emergency rescue and disaster relief services value REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ as an opportunity to connect with a broad international audience. The exhibitor lineup also includes manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle equipment and a large contingent of manufacturers of innovative products and solutions for the emergency and rescue services. There will also be a strong contingent from Italy's highly diverse rescue, first-responder and humanitarian sectors. The exhibitors here range from the "Alpini" to the "Misericordie d'Italia" humanitarian aid organization, which this year is celebrating its 120th anniversary. The lineup also includes civil protection organizations and specialized forest firefighter units.

The international workshop on the first day of REAS will focus on the successful partnership between professionals and volunteers in the emergency management sector. Ziebs and Aschenbrenner, for example, will be using the workshop to report on the important role played by "volunteer professionals" in Germany's emergency management system. This year's REAS also features an extensive supporting program of speaking events, panel discussions, workshops, professional development courses and live demonstrations. Among the latter is a rescue dog competition.

Deutsche Messe will use REAS to raise awareness of its upcoming INTERSCHUTZ 2020 show in Hannover, Germany, and its INTERSCHUTZ spinoff events in Australia, China and the USA. Together with its two INTERSCHUTZ partners, the German Fire Protection Association (GFPA) and the German Fire Services Association (DFV), it will be running a group pavilion in Hall 1, complete with an info counter for visitors and exhibitors interested in learning more about INTERSCHUTZ. On the first day of REAS, Deutsche Messe is also running INTERSCHUTZ@REAS – a special event outlining the highlights and key themes in store for INTERSCHUTZ 2020.

Of all the German delegates at REAS 2019, there is one in particular who will be getting a lot of attention – a Border Collie by the name of Timmy. Timmy is the adorable official INTERSCHUTZ mascot and is sure to melt more than a few hearts.

This year's show is the very first REAS powered by INTERSCHUTZ to carry the "German Trade Fair Quality Abroad (GTQ)" label, a hallmark of quality awarded by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA). The label is awarded to high-quality trade shows operated in markets outside of Germany by German trade fair companies either on their own or in cooperation with partners.

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