As the largest manufacturer of fire-fighting equipment in Europe, GLORIA is the one-stop shop for fire safety solutions, offering portable and mobile fire extinguishers, fire truck equipment, property protection systems and extinguishing water technology. Its impressive portfolio is rounded off with a wide range of training courses, accessories, replacement parts and collaboration projects. When it comes to extinguishing water technology, GLORIA has it all - from wall hydrants and pressure booster systems right through to filling and emptying stations. A new addition to this list is the BA+ isolation unit.

Featuring a hygienic blocking mechanism, the cutting-edge BA+ isolation unit safeguards drinking water facilities against pollutants from fire extinguishing and fire safety systems. Because such equipment is only used when a fire breaks out or during maintenance work, their extinguisher pipework is constantly filled with water. As the water stagnates over time, its quality can deteriorate dramatically. Drinking water installations need to be secured in line with the relevant standards and regulations to stop any polluted extinguishing water having an adverse effect on the quality of drinking water. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the fire safety system will work securely and reliably in the event of an emergency. Luckily, the BA+ isolation unit from GLORIA satisfies all these requirements.

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