B&W International is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of specialty cases that has been setting the benchmark for innovation and quality with its "outdoor.cases" since 1998. Their robust design protects high-quality equipment and accessories from dust, water, knocks and scrapes - which is why "outdoor.cases" can be found in a whole range of applications. These virtually indestructible containers are popular with industrial workers, maintenance teams, photographers and film makers alike and are often used in leisure pursuits, too. They are also becoming an increasingly common kit item for the emergency services, who need to be able to rely on their equipment when they arrive at the scene of an incident.

When every second counts, not having a power source close to hand can have fatal consequences, so the specialists at B&W have developed just the solution with their "energy.case". Fitted with a high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery, this model has been specially designed for use as a mobile power bank that could help save lives. The case can be charged either by plugging it into the mains or via solar cells. Once fully charged, the 230 Volt battery can keep tools and electronic devices running for several hours thanks to its capacity of 1,200 watt-hours. The LiFePO battery technology ensures the unit can cope with temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius and up to 5,000 charge cycles. Weighing in at just 22 kilograms, the "energy.case" features an integrated telescopic carrying handle for easy transportation and - like all "outdoor.cases" from B&W - is impact-resistant, dustproof and waterproof. This ingenious piece of equipment means fire fighters, police officers, rescue services and disaster relief teams can rest assured that their all-important, potentially life-saving power source is safe and sound.

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