Fire protection technology plays a vital role in 21st-century fire safety. Forming a sophisticated fire control matrix, fire alarm systems and the connected smoke exhaust units detect fire and smoke and then activate opening actuators to automatically create rescue routes and smoke vents. What's more, firefighters are alerted straight away so they can intervene and extinguish the flames. While all this is happening, it is essential that the incident commander can gain full control of the situation upon arrival. Eager to lend a hand, SIMON PROtec Systems recently upgraded its digital modular M-SHEV control panel.

The M-SHEV panel's priority function allows operators to program various automatic response patterns. For example, the fire alarm system can initially close the smoke vents, with the triggered smoke detector reopening just the one window. However, the company assures that firefighters can make up their own minds which vents should remain open or shut in an emergency. Once suitably integrated into the relevant group, the new SI-100 MASTER module generates a higher-level SHE group that can overwrite all alarms present - in both the ON and OFF directions. The new SI-100 MASTER module is operated using a fireman's override, which, once activated, enables incident commanders to take control of the assigned SHE groups one by one and thus chose their own course of action. The universal key required to operate the system’s override function prevents unauthorized persons from gaining access and is best stored in the fire department's key box.

SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH (94036 Passau, Germany)